5 best Apple Watch apps to download now

5 best Apple Watch apps to download now

I love my Apple Watch without shame. It keeps me off my phone when I don’t really need to be on it, while still keeping me up to date. That’s because of the Watch-unique apps I have installed, which range from utility and habit-tracking apps to just plain fun distractors. 
There are plenty of options out there when it comes to Apple Watch apps, but here are five of my (and the internet’s) favorites. 
1Start With Yoga ($2.99)

Zen, brought to you by Apple Watch.
Image: screenshot/app store
Personally, I’m a huge yoga fan. It’s a great, low-stakes way to get my body moving, but I’m definitely not an expert. Start With Yoga comes highly recommended by Tech Radar for beginners like me. The Watch-optimized display and vibration alert for pose changes helps you stay away from your phone while getting the instruction you need. The app comes with five pre-loaded routines and the ability to craft your own on the paired iPhone app, without some of the more advanced poses you might see in other yoga courses. (Like I said, it’s perfect for beginners.) And the latest update sends your workout data to Apple Health, which is useful for overall health tracking.  Read more…More about Tech, Apple Watch, Tech, and Consumer Tech
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