Borat Defends Rudy Giuliani’s Behavior In Borat 2

Borat Defends Rudy Giuliani’s Behavior In Borat 2

For a movie that was announced less than a month ago and only officially coming out on Amazon Prime today, it sure feels like we’ve been hearing a ton about Borat 2. This past week, that’s been in no small part from presidential lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who despite not appearing in a trailer has been an outspoken Borat prank victim turned ersatz Twitter marketer who has tried to get ahead of whatever he did in the movie by warning he didn’t do anything wrong.For those who would prefer to still avoid spoilers, it’s probably better to just state what word was spreading before the film’s release: vague details that Giuliani apparently was caught literally pulling his pants down in a hotel room and also possibly eating a bat? Just to make 2020 a little weirder, Borat took to Twitter to rush to the former New York City mayor’s defense, posting a short video, explaining, “What was an innocent sexytime encounter between a consenting man and my 15-year-old daughter have been turned into something disgusting by fake-news media.”Continue Reading at GameSpot
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