The 'Dad, How Do I?' Guy Answers Your Basic Life Questions

There’s a joke in my family about the time when I—all of19 or 20 years old and living in an apartment with my own kitchen for the first time—emailed my dad to ask him, “What’s a marinade?” To this day, I alsostill have a copy of the very kind, very detailed instructions he sent me for how to make mashed potatoes. “If they appear too stiff (like paste), add a touch of…
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A field guide to the quarantine birthday meal

My wife, Julia, turned 29 on April 3, approximately three or four weeks into the national nightmare that is the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone’s sticking close to home, practicing social distancing (or ought to be), and businesses have been shut down for weeks. It’s a time…

Is 'Lucid Dreaming' Real?

Reality has plenty of exit-hatches: strong drugs, streamed television, certain corners of social media. But the most immersive reality-dissolver might be lucid dreaming, wherein the dreamer recognizes they’re dreaming and proceeds to reshape their dreamscape per their own…