Crisp Visual Metaphor Of The Week: Jaguars' Mascot Beaten To Pulp In Empty Stadium

In what could only be described as aJason Mendozafever dream, AEW held a 10-man main event Saturday night inside the Jacksonville Jaguars’ stadium with the Jaguars cheerleaders and the team mascot, Jaxson de Ville. Perhaps if Mr. Mendoza had known about this, he wouldn’t have thought a perfect Madden game was the bar to clear to run for the tree arch. After this was over, we all…
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Oakland A's Lead National ‘Rent Freeze’ Movement

Oh, wait. Nope! They’re just greedy. The issue of rent and mortgage freezes during the pandemic to help combat rampant unemployment is one of the bigger ones DURING THESE UNCERTAIN TIMES. While certainly not nearly enough protections have been put in place for the…

Paul Pierce Is a Hater

Unlike the general populous, I’m very lucky to be able to express my opinion for a living. Be it on television, radio, podcasts, on stages, in classrooms, on panels, or even as a consultant, I’m compensated rather nicely to basically say, “This is what I think.”…