Black Reporter Harassed by White Man While On-Air

Another day, another example of a white man doing something absolutely trash. Today’s story takes us to Illinois, where a WGN reporter was simply trying to do her job beforea Kylecame through with the bullshit. Buzzfeed News reportsthat Gaynor Hall was live on-air setting up a video package last Saturday night when a man grabbed her, yelled “fuck her right in the pussy,”…
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How to Fend Off Hangry Rats

Oh, 2020. Just when we think you’ve thrown all the terrifying, ridiculous scenarios at us already, you hit us with yet another. This time, it’s aggressive rats. And if you live outside of New York City or another major metropolitan area and are thinking you’re in the…

Let's All Try This 10-Minute Micro-Workout

We’ve been doing quick, at-home workouts for this month’sLifehacker Fitness Challenge, and today we’re going to try one designed by the scientist who made high-intensity interval training popular. It’s just called the “Go-To Workout,” and you can change it…