Dungeons And Dragons Gets New Highly-Detailed Figure, And It Comes With A Kitty

Dungeons And Dragons Gets New Highly-Detailed Figure, And It Comes With A Kitty

Hasbro has made a name for itself continuing the Marvel Legends toy line–which was originally created by Toy Biz–six-inch scale figures that are highly-detailed and have plenty of articulation. In recent years, Hasbro has applied this format to its other properties, like Star Wars with The Black Series, Power Rangers with The Lightning Collection, and G.I. Joe with the Classified Series. Now, Hasbro is digging into Dungeons and Dragons lore with figures based on the Forgotten Realms characters Drizzt and Guenhwyvar.Dungeons and Dragons lore is incredibly vast, especially when you include Forgotten Realms stories and characters, created by Ed Greenwood and brought into Dungeons and Dragons in 1987. One of the more notable characters from that world is the drow elf Drizzt from Menzoberranzan. This hero of the North has forsaken the ways of other drows along with Underdark–their home. Along in this set is Guenhwyvar, the panther originally from the astral plane which is bonded to Drizzt after he summoned her with an onyx mysterious figurine. That’s the short and skinny, so let’s check the figure out.Gallery The two-pack comes packaged with some beautiful artwork by Max Dunbar. Aesthetically, it’s very pleasing as you remove it from the packaging. The two figures are set in front of the Icewind Dale backdrop. And all the accessories are laid out.Continue Reading at GameSpot
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