How Comcast IT moved from order-taker to innovator

How Comcast IT moved from order-taker to innovator

Rick Rioboli, CIO of Comcast since 2017, has a background in product engineering, a perspective that comes in handy as he leads in customer lifecycle management, data, and enterprise IT. In a recent conversation, we discussed how IT can strike a balance between order taking and designing the perfect platform. We also discussed how to combat data sprawl, drive a culture of innovation, eliminate technical debt, and bring a servant leadership mindset to the CIO role. What follows is an edited version of our interview.Martha Heller: How do you describe your role as CIO of Comcast?Rick Rioboli: I break down my role into three parts. One is the lifecycle management of our customers, which covers everything from when we first market to customers to when they buy our products, to when we activate them, bill them, and service them on the back end. That’s the biggest part of my job. The second is classic IT enterprise management, and the third part is data.To read this article in full, please click here
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