Netflix censors a scene from Back to the Future II

A month ago everyone raised their hands to their heads when they found out that Disney +, in a bustle of prudishness, had decided to censor some scenes from the movie Splash , where part of the naked body of actress Daryl Hannah was seen. But today’s facepalm is courtesy of Netflix, which has decided to censor a scene from R egress to the Future 2.

Below you can see both the video edited by Netflix and the original.

As you can see in the original scene, Marty collects the famous sports almanac, to later discover that it is actually an erotic magazine . In the new version of Netflix , they have directly stuck a snip on the fragment that shows the cover of the magazine. The worst thing has not been that they have resorted to such a shabby and sloppy solution, but they have decided to eliminate for free a part that gives the necessary context to understand the “Oh La Lá” that Marty releases when he sees it , and  that coincides with the title of the magazine .

Have they put the scissors in some other movie and we won’t have noticed? What are these outbursts of censorship for ? Why does Netflix produce promiscuous teen series – ahem, Elite, ahem – but do you think we’re going to be shocked to see the cover of an erotic magazine from the 1950s? I do not understand anything.

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