Phasmophobia Item Guide: What Every Item Does

Phasmophobia Item Guide: What Every Item Does

Phasmophobia, the early access horror game, has taken Twitch and social media by storm. For the uninitiated, Phasmophobia’s goal is simple, though achieving it is a little tricky. You, either alone or with a group of friends, play a ghost hunter investigating a spooky, dimly-lit location and trying to determine which type of ghost is haunting the place. As you explore the area, you will need to use various tools to gather evidence before the ghost kills you and your friends.Aside from the ghosts, the most terrifying thing about Phasmophobia in its current state is the lackluster tutorial. It teaches you the basics for a few investigation tools, but it leaves a lot for you to figure out on your own. So to help you in your efforts to track down the whereabouts and identify apparitions, I’ve detailed below everything you need to know about tools available to you in Phasmophobia, as well as general tips to keep you alive.The ObjectiveYour job is to figure out what kind of ghost you’re up against. To do that, you first need to identify which part of the building the ghost is haunting, and then you need to find three separate pieces of hard evidence to log in your journal. Once you’ve discovered three clues, you can identify the ghost in your journal and promptly get out. The evidence options are:Continue Reading at GameSpot
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