PlayStation 4 Commanded The Generation With Exclusives

PlayStation 4 Commanded The Generation With Exclusives

Since its release in 2013, the PlayStation 4 has been a force on the gaming landscape, and across the last seven years, it’s been clear that Sony and its gaming machine took the lead against the competition.Sony’s lead with the PS4 started with some missteps by its major rival, Microsoft, with the Xbox One. But it wasn’t just a few key flubs from the competition at launch that propelled the PS4. Sony’s console has become well-known for killer exclusives, and for a long portion of the generation, was the premiere home for big-hype indie games, as well. Sony also managed to make some moves in the hardware department–while not all of its ideas have defined the industry, its contribution to the mainstreaming of virtual reality had a big effect on the way the last few years have played out.With the PS4, Sony developed a clear vision for its gaming machine, and while it tried out a variety of ideas along the way, it never wavered from making sure its system was a place to easily play and share great games. Though it didn’t have to fight through the same rough public relations issues as its competition, Sony learned lessons from its own missteps with the PS3 and is carrying those lessons through to its next-generation console.Continue Reading at GameSpot
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