The Division 2 Update 12 Goes Live Tuesday, Patch Notes Here

The Division 2 Update 12 Goes Live Tuesday, Patch Notes Here

The Division 2’s next season is almost upon us, and we’ve got the patch notes that detail the changes that are coming to the game. Season 4 is titled End of Watch, and it will bring a new Manhunt, rewards, and a feature called Optimization Station that’s designed to recalibrate the game’s progression from the ground up.Update 12 will come to The Division 2 on Tuesday, with a three-hour downtime scheduled for 3:30 AM ET / 12:30 AM PT. The most notable addition will likely be the Optimization Station, which allows players to exchange resource currencies to wring out a higher gear score from their existing equipment. The materials required for this optimization process will be sourced from all over the game, from deconstructing high-end loot, defeating bosses, and completing multiplayer events like Summit floors.Speaking of the Summit, the update will also introduce some new changes to that mode, including the ability to activate two challenges at a time, and additional rewards for each challenge completed. The update adds numerous new weapons to the game, including a new Exotic shotgun called Scorpio and new named items, including a marksman rifle called the Scalpel.Continue Reading at GameSpot
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