The First Monster Hunter Movie Posters Are Here, and Giant Sword Giant Sword Giant Sword Giant Sword

Look: this movie is probably gonna be a hot mess. It’s Paul W.S. Anderson taking on a Capcom video game again, and we’ve just gotta hope it’s a Resident Evil: Retribution hot mess rather than a Resident Evil: The Final Chapter hot mess. But, I will say this: that sword continues to look great.

The first two posters for Sony’s Monster Hunter movie have dropped via IGN, and honestly…it’s basically what we’ve already seen from the movie. Way back in late 2018, the first official pictures from Anderson’s take on the, well, monster-hunting action-RPG series gave us Milla Jovovich looking mildly confused and Tony Jaa with a Big Fucking Sword. But now, the tables have turned, and it’s Jovovich’s turn to hold the Big Fucking Sword! Everyone should get a turn!

Yes, okay Monster Hunter World fans, I know, it’s a great sword, and it’s technically the starting one, the Bone Great Sword. But, c’mon, live a little. It’s a bigass sword, and that’s fun.

Although honestly, it could afford to be bigger? This is absurd for a movie, perhaps, but not quite as absurd as it is in the games. Well, there at least you need your great sword to be absurdly large because you’re carving away at giant monsters with it. God, could you imagine how silly it would be for them to have fully replicated that scale? It’s also fun that honestly, Jaa’s outfit is a pretty accurate take on World’s Field Team Leader, so even if the movie itself seems pretty out of wack in terms of its story, at least aesthetically it’s pretty spot on so far.

Jovovich is playing a soldier named Natalie Artemis, who, alongside her unit, finds themselves teleported to a mysterious world inspired by the Monster Hunter games, and must team up with Jaa’s Hunter to learn the ways of monster huntin’ and find their way home. Presumably, Rathalos will be there. And Monsters will be Hunted, of course. Will there be Palicos? There better be. We don’t really know, because even now, we only basically know three things about the movie: Milla Jovovich, Tony Jaa, Giant Sword. Maybe that’s all we need to know before Monster Hunter hits screens this September.


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