This smart speaker from Bender isn’t very useful, but it insults you better than anyone

Putting a smart speaker at home always carries certain risks for your privacy. Well, except if you design the speaker yourself, of course. This is just what Reddit user Zen_Kong did , who decided to get creative and make a Bender smart speaker that answered their questions.

The first thing he did was find a model of the head of the famous folding robot (which he downloaded from Thingiverse ) and then print it on two 3D printers: one in charge of the general structure of the head and another of the translucent parts that light up, such as eyes or mouth.

Inside, he placed a Raspberry Pi Zero W, which operated a voice recognition software called Pocketsphinx , in addition to a custom code that it programmed in Python to give certain answers. Obviously, these answers were the best phrases of the famous Futurama robot.

You can see the videos of his speaker in action on his YouTube channel , although they do not show much of what he is capable of, beyond insulting you in a funny way. If you are thinking of making yours, you can see all the code used on GitHub .

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