“Thousands of students” fail a distance exam because the platform did not support the iPhone image format

Every year during the month of May, US high school students take Advanced Placement (or AP) exams to earn credits and scale positions in the college admissions process. This year, for obvious reasons, many have had to take the exams online. So far everything is correct.

The problems started last week when “thousands of students” completed exams such as the Literature and Composition exam (which supports handwritten writing) and were unable to upload their answer to the platform. According to The Verge , when the students took a photo of their writing room with an iPhone and tried to upload it to the platform, the website stopped responding. Some of them ran out of time and suspended the test.

The culprit is the HEIC format that Apple started using by default in iOS 11 to reduce the storage space occupied by iPhone photos. Although it is a format supported by more and more devices and applications, the AP platform only supports JPEG and PNG, according to the AP program website .

The College Board, which organizes the AP program, said that only 1% of students had problems uploading their answers, but that 1% represents at least 20,000 students , according to the National Center for Fair and Open Evidence. The problem was so common that the College Board itself had to send schools an email to AP students with tips and instructions to avoid test submission errors.

Changing the HEIC format to JPEG can be as simple as exporting the photo to a Mac or saving it to the iPhone Files app, but the College Board recommends configuring the iPhone camera from Settings> Camera> Formats to take photos directly in JPEG. choosing “The most compatible”.

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