Throw the Perfect At-Home Movie Night With These 4K UHD—and Regular HD—Blu-rays

While the countless streaming services out there offer a bevy of options, there’s still something special about a good piece of physical media. Blu-rays and their 4K equivalents give you what streaming can’t: higher-quality visuals and sound, reliability if the Wi-Fi is on the fritz, and in-depth special features if you feel like learning more about the movie you just watched. Plus you don’t have to worry about whether a movie you love is streaming if you own a copy of it.

There’s never been a better time to beef up your film library, and thankfully the genesis of streaming has led distributors to put more effort into their blu-ray and 4K releases. Here are some of the best 4K Ultra HD and standard HD Blu-rays and you can pick up for your next stay-at-home movie night.

Robocop (Arrow Video Edition)

Think of Arrow Video releases as the Criterion Collection for cult films. From underseen gems like The Lovelessand The Day of the Jackalto well-known ones like An American Werewolf in London, the distributor puts a ton of love and care into crafting appealing rereleases of films begging for rediscovery or just your 100th revisit. Perhaps their most impressive release so far is the Robocop box set they put out last year, which features a stunning restoration you can’t find on streaming sites as well as a rich library of special features.

The set also includes a book of writing on the film and set photography and a great bunch of package art. If you need a reminder as to why picking up a physical copy of a movie is a necessity sometimes, this’ll get it done.

Bamboozled (Criterion Collection)

One of the more underrated installments in the legendary Spike Lee’s filmography, Bamboozledis a profoundly uncomfortable and challenging satire on the relationship the media industry has with race shot in jarring low-fi digital visuals. You’ve probably seen Do The Right Thing and BlackkKlansman but this is one of the more stellar deep cuts in Lee’s rich filmography. Criterion has given it the restoration it deserves and you can’t go wrong if you’re looking to discover some new gems during your stay-at-home movie nights.

Skyfall 007

For fans of the James Bond franchise, the sting of No Time To Die’s release date getting moved may still be fresh. Ease the pain with the Skyfall 4K restoration. The film is already inarguably the best-looking Bond film of all time thanks to the work of cinematography legend Roger Deakins. The 4K disc only makes that beauty even more sharp and vibrant. If you’re going to experiment with 4K for the first time, this will sell you on the format easily.

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