Valorant finally arrives in June, the new game from the creators of LoL

Riot Games is a video game studio known for its biggest (and in a way its only) play: League of Legends . But the company has been working on a completely different title for a long time. His name is Valorant and he arrives in June.

Valorant was officially announced on March 1, and will be available just a few months later. However, Riot says he started working on the game in 2014, so he has long kept the project a secret.

Starting with its announcement in early March 2020, Riot began allowing a few lucky ones to try it out using a closed beta. But the wait is over: Riot will launch the game officially and free of charge for all the gamer public on PC on June 2.

Usually. Valorant is a free-to-play first-person action (FPS) game that feels a bit like a mix of Counter-Strike and the skill style of Overwatch . The games in the main mode of the game are 5 against 5 players. Overall, it is a game that mixes action and shooting with teamwork tactics, and promises to be a new sensation in the world of PC games and streaming.

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